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September 1, 2011
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                     She had to be the most irritating human-species child Knockout had ever had to deal with. Even the Autobots brats weren't as obnoxious nor as up his tail-pipe as this one tended to be. Though he'd had close calls within the past month or so having Rin on board the Nemesis, he hadn't seemed to find the time to do anything with her… or even figure out just what, exactly he was going to do with her.
                     The stupid ashen-blonde haired girl with emerald eyes was nothing more than an experiment. At first she was to be merely studied and monitored, having a little free will as to not go stir-crazy and draw unwanted attention into Knockout's med-bay. Heck, he even thought a possible dissection to be in order one day… if he decided to get his stunning frame dirty with organic filth, which was rather unlikely but still a thought.
                     Now, however… the sparkling 16-year-old was becoming more and more of a problem. It was something Knockout couldn't quite place his thin clawed finger-tips on though. There was almost an anxiousness where the girl was concerned. Leaving her alone in his medical room made him feel more and more uncomfortable. By now he knew she occasionally snuck out of the drawer; but was it just his fear of the other Decepticons finding her that bothered him so?
                     As he wandered down the lone, dark, poorly lit-corridor deep in thought he hardly noticed the other Decepticon that had paused at the end of it, waiting patiently for him. His concentration was so deep in the matters of his eyes, his red optics slightly unfocused as he stared at the ground, watching his metal feet clunk against it with each step.
                     He reached the end of the hall to have a hand come up and press hard at his shoulder to attract his attention. Knockout's red optics suddenly refocused, giving the softest noise as they adjusted to look at the slender figure standing before him.
                     "Soundwave," Knockout said curtly to the dark purple and silver sheered 'con. He surveyed the face-less Cybertronian before him, looking into the depths of the screen it had where normally a pair of optics and mouth-plate would show.
                     Silent and wordless as ever, Soundwave gave a small nod to Knockout. His hand retracted and he pointed one of his long fingers at the left side wall of the corridor, slightly angled off south-ward into the ship.
                     "Does Commander Starscream want me again?" Knockout asked, not bothering to hide the sound of annoyance in his usually smooth tone.
                     Soundwave shook his head 'no' once. The screen on his face blinked and a soft, feminine voice emitted from him stating: "Now I know I'm not that bad"
                     It was an immediate reaction. Knockout's shoulders stiffened and his posture spoke of hostile unfriendliness. His red optics that had been puzzled before were now narrowed with suspicious doubt. He would recognize that pestering little voice anywhere.
                     "You know about her," he muttered quietly, stating a fact rather than a question.
                     Soundwave gave one small nod of his head. The screen on his face blinked once more and a rather high-quality photo of Rin appeared on the screen. She was sitting alone on her bean-bag chair, watching the television that seemed large compared to her but tiny compared to Cybertronian-size.
                     "I see," Knockout remarked roughly. He felt himself clenching and unclenching his clawed hands and tried to stop himself with little success. "Are you going to go tell Starscream?"
                     There was a very brief pause. Although Shockwave was never one for words, a monotone voice uttered from him stating, "Explain."
                     "She's an experiment," Knockout started rather hotly, knowing that his attitude was bad news in this situation but unable to help himself. "I'm studying the organic fleshling, that's all. And I figured if she was entertained, she wouldn't cause much noise to attract the attention and bother the other 'cons. Nobody else knows about this," he added hastily, "Not even Breakdown."
                     More silence. Knockout felt an unbearable weight somewhere in his spark-chamber. He was surprised to feel such rage at the Communications Officer and couldn't pinpoint the reason as to why, nor did he want to. There were small tremors running through his shiny crimson-colored body and his hands still sought fit to clench and unclench the air like it was something breakable.
                     Soundwave observed Knockout a while longer before shaking his head no. He proceeded to go around Knockout, making him confused until he realized that the purple-shaded Decepticon was actually answering his previous question. There was a relief but also a hot, painful feeling in his spark-chamber that he couldn't explain even if he knew every word among the pitiful excuse for planets residents.
                     "How long have you known?" Knockout snapped, enraged.
                     To the asked question, Soundwave turned around and stared at Knockout. His screen blinked and a picture of a calendar appeared… the day Knockout had kidnapped Rin suddenly glowed red.
                     He shivered a little without realizing he did so. Soundwave turned around, continuing his stroll down the hallway without so much as a backwards glance at the D'cons medic.
                     "Scrap… That fraggin'…" Knockout muttered darkly, moving with clear determination down the hall now. His shoulders were hunched and his optics still narrowed angrily as he moved. "Slaggin' piece of tin…"
                     His feet carried him all the way back to his medical operation room though his mind was elsewhere. As the door hissed loudly, giving him access inside, he noted the girl on Soundwave's screen just moments ago sitting perched on her bean-bag, watching some stupid earthling television show.
                     "What's up Knockout," She called over her shoulder, waving a hand up in the air without turning around.
                     He grunted, unsure of what else to do. His feelings were mixed up more than those assorted jelly-beans Rin insisted he steal for her whenever he got the chance.
                     That seemed to grab her attention though it seemed. Knockout's optics were watching her as she turned around, frowning. He was certain she was used to him coming in, either in a good or sour mood, but always coming in chatty.
                     "Something wrong?" She asked in a patient, gentle tone.
                     A part of him wanted to say 'Don't worry about it'. Another part wanted to ignore her completely or snap at her for being stupid. But instead, his vents heaved a heavy sigh and he muttered, "It's nothing."
                     "Don't look like nothing," she murmured, her green eyes watching Knockout closely.
                     Human germ, he thought wearily, staring down at her. He wanted to tell himself to just step forward and take care of her so he wouldn't have to feel this worry and stress. It was sure to be unhealthy for his suave and calm complexion.
                     She leapt up, however, not seeming to care nor mind if he cringed away from her as she approached. He emitted a loud groan of irritation and muttered about 'filthy human hands' and 'needing to wash himself off' as she hugged his leg.
                     "You can talk to me about it," she insisted, staring up at him innocently.
                     "You just need to be more careful!" Knockout snapped his back rigid. "You're going to get us both in a lot of trouble and the last thing I need is the Decepticons to come barging in here and ripping this place up to find you!"
                     "Find me?" She echoed quizzically. "But I thought I… I mean we… were doing so good to keep me hidden."
                     "I should have known," Knockout growled to himself. "I should have realized Soundwave would know. How could I have been such a fool…?"
                     "Whoa- buddy- you're not a fool," Rin assured him.
                     "If Soundwave knows about you, then I am indeed a fool," Knockout said wearily. "We'll have to keep you more carefully guarded," he murmured, covering his face-plate with his hands a moment before sighing and removing him, looking down at the tiny organic hugging tight to his leg once more.
                     "You're… a strange being," he concluded, feeling a small amount of disgust that his frame was being fouled by Rin. It was nothing, however, compared to the concern he felt stirring inside of him.
                     "Yeah yeah I know," she remarked, grinning. The grin faltered a moment and she asked bluntly but nervously, "S-So… one of them knows about me… Being here?"
                     Knockout nodded sharply. "Soundwave," he said, sighing again. "I really shouldn't be surprised though… he sees all… you'd be rather surprised."
                     "Creepy," Rin agreed, going over to sit on her bean-bag. Knockout watching, his spark-chamber retracting some but still equally clenched. He watched her, knowing that she knew very little to nothing of what that meant. All the blackmail that could occur because of this, being held over his head like a dog-biscuit to a mangy, starved canine beast… All the trouble… But he wouldn't worry her; no, she didn't need to know the truth and be more concerned then she already was.
                     So, leaving her to his own devices, he went over to the far corner of the medic bay to let out his frustration the only way he knew how- breaking things.
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... Really? Did any of you actually believe that for one, I was going to leave Soundwave out and for two, that he wouldn't notice the girl being hidden in the ship? Imeanseriouslyhesthecommunicationsofficer...

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