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           You may think being a vampyre would be easy. Suck an innocent virgins girls blood, kill other vampyres, claim a territory where you feast until there no longer is a territory... The list goes on. But I can assure you, being a vampyre is not all easy. Especially when you've been that way for over 300 plus years and still going. Thoughts become isolated, congruent, consistent. Things repeat and all you can do it watch it go by slowly, tortuously and painfully.
           Face it; things get tedious and boring after so long. Yes, even the sex becomes dull. The only thing fueling your actions by this point is purely instinct. Everything's scrambled, mashed and tarnished with time. Time. The one thing you have plenty of since befriending immortality.
           To keep that immortality though, one needs to feed on the living. The dead, us the vampyres, cannot go on without the nutrients of which a living creature confines in us. Yes, our own demise would be the loss of the kin that keep allows us to prevail and even prosper. In a sense, or old sinful lives are the ones that allow us to survive for so long.
           But don't go thinking that just anyone can suck blood and become a vampyre. It takes a vampyre's bite to create another vampyre. Hence, one of the reasons we're so sparse and hard to find. It's difficult, in fact, nearly impossible to just bite a victim without feeding. Instinct makes us feed. Instinct forces us to kill and drink; even when we are not hungry. The savage animals that we are, simple and very predatory, causes more death then life (ironic how I say that even though we are initially the living dead). Vampyres are a dying breed. But we're always finding new means to live on.
           For example, a vampyre by the name of Blake Baltimore recently discovered a human may be turned just by ingesting a vampyres blood. Nobody knew. It's more painful then a bite, and the process takes longer, but the end result is the same. A newly born vampyre. The discovery was found when Blake's blood dripped into an open wound of a human victim (how the victim became wounded and unconscious, as well as Blake becoming wounded, still remains a hazy and unclear mystery).
           But enough about us, and how we came to be. My name is Dawn Black. Yes, I am a vampyre. My family bloodline goes back a long way. In fact, I was one of the first of my family to become a vampyre. Why don't I just tell you the story so we can go on with the business? Sit down and make yourself comfortable, this may take a long time.
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October 30, 2009
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