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August 31, 2011
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100 Ways to Annoy Shockwave:

1)  Refer to him as the original Cyclops.

2) Tell him quite frankly his plans to destroy Megatron are weak. Starscream defiantly has a better chance than he does.

3) Laugh at Shockwave's Cybertronian gun-mode and say "Don't you wish you were that big!"

4) Throw out illogical answers and questions that make absolutely no sense.

5) Inform Shockwave that hiding his emotions is bad and cause serious damage to his health and mental capabilities. He needs to see a counselor!

6) Inform Shockwave that his demeanor is not all that intimidating. A giant Purple one-eyed weirdy. Really?

7) Rig Shockwave's cannon so that it blows out teddy bears.

8) Inform Shockwave that Soundwave is watching him and not the other way around as he predicted. You are no stealth-ninja of darkness Shockwave. Sorry.

9) Tell Shockwave to pick on 'bots and 'cons his own size. Shouldn't he be taking care of those who actually could cause him a threat first?

10) Tell Bayformers Shockwave that his pet got more screen-time then he did. Obviously he's not as threatening as he thought.

11) Talk about Bayformers Shockwave being overtaken by a human parachute. Talk about owned.

12) Adding to 11, mention how much it must have sucked to have been knuckle-slammed and torn up by Optimus Prime… and then to have his eye ripped out. Lovely.

13) Listen to 'Shockwave's Revenge' music from Dark of the Moon. Then ask bluntly what revenge Shockwave actually got.

14) Ask Shockwave how his relationship is going with Megatron/Starscream/etc.

15) Tell Shockwave Megatron only let him win to boost his self-esteem.

16) Show TFA Shockwave all the pictures of him and Blurr together and loudly scream. "GET IT SHOCKWAVE, GET IT!" [Kindly submitted by *foreverphantom.]

17) Ah never call him "Rudolph" guess why. [Kindly submitted by ~Artiquer.]

18) Replace G1 Shockwave's missing hand with a hook, then tell him that he and TFP Breakdown should start a pirate crew together. [Kindly submitted by ~EliteCliffjumper.]

19) Climb up on his shoulder and try to press his "eye" like a button. [Kindly submitted by ~SkylerFarrier.]

20) Compare him to the PORTAL overlord. [Kindly submitted by ~SkylerFarrier.]

21) Tell him that Hal 9000 from "2001: A Space Odyssey" is a better one-eyed computer buddy than him. [Kindly submitted by ~ahunmaster.]

22) Say that killing of a loved character is not a good way to get fans. [Kindly submitted by ~RobinLightwalker.]

23) Tell him that grey is the new pruple not the other way around. [Kindly submitted by ~RobinLightwalker.]

24) Ask him if he liked to be boxed around in DOTM. At least Starscream died with a bang. [Kindly submitted by ~RobinLightwalker.]

25) Tell him that he won't appear in Prime since it seems that it will only have one season and that Soundwave is doing is job better then him. [Kindly submitted by ~RobinLightwalker.]

26) Tell him that he has gained ALOT of weight between TFA and DOTM,and you are unsure if it is all muscle. [Kindly submitted by ~RobinLightwalker.]

27) Then poke him and you say it is the first soft metal you have ever felt. [Kindly submitted by ~RobinLightwalker.]

28) Call Shockwave an evil kitty, with those cat ears and all. [Kindly submitted by toffeebal_1.]

29) Call him cute. [Kindly submitted by toffeebal_1.]

30) Tell him that he was not a badass. [Kindly submitted by ~ShadowBionics.]

31) Call him "Blinky." [Kindly submitted by ~ShadowBionics.]

32) Tell the cartoon continuity Shockwave that in another dimension (the comic continuity) that he overthrows Megatron and becomes Decepticon leader. This oughta make his brain REALLY think. [Kindly submitted by ~ShadowBionics.]

33) Ask him what happened to his hand. [Kindly submitted by ~ShadowBionics.]

34) Ask Shockwave what happens to that gray thing that acts as the gun part that goes away when he transforms. [Kindly submitted by ~ShadowBionics.]

35) Tell Shockwave that in Transformers Energon, there's two wannabe dopplegangers of him in the show named Shockblast and Sixshot who are a disgrace to him. Remind him of how inferior they are to him. [Kindly submitted by ~ShadowBionics.]

36) Ask him how does he feel. [Kindly submitted by ~ShadowBionics.]

37) Ask Shockwave how things that should embarrass him make him feel. [Kindly submitted by ~ShadowBionics.]

38) Ask Bayformers Shockwave what it was like being frozen in Soviet Russia until Megatron freed him. [Kindly submitted by ~ShadowBionics.]

39) Make Soviet Russia jokes to Bayformers Shockwave. [Kindly submitted by ~ShadowBionics.]

40) Ask Bayformers Shockwave why he never transformed. At all. not even once. [Kindly submitted by ~ShadowBionics.]

41) Ask Bayformers Shockwave what it was like being upstaged by Sentinel Prime as the new anticipated villain of the next movie. [Kindly submitted by ~ShadowBionics.]

42) Call Bayformers Shockwave "The other Iceman." [Kindly submitted by ~ShadowBionics.]

43) Ask TFA Shockwave if he's Santa's missing reindeer. [Kindly submitted by ~ShadowBionics.]

44) Ask TFA Shockwave why he and Longarm are never in the same room together. [Kindly submitted by ~ShadowBionics.]

45) Ask Bayformers Shockwave that if he had a voice would he have called Megatron royalty. [Kindly submitted by ~RobinLightwalker.]

46) Tell him that the bug desing only worked for Crankcase. [Kindly submitted by ~RobinLightwalker.]

47) Ask him if the regrets giving Megatron his transformation gear so that Megatron just could have added a few wings on his tank mode. [Kindly submitted by ~RobinLightwalker.]

48) Ask him why he listend to you about 23, when his toy dosen't and does it better then him since he has atransformation gear. [Kindly submitted by ~RobinLightwalker.]

49) Ask him if he liked being the new pet of Megatron. [Kindly submitted by ~RobinLightwalker.]

50) Tell him that fighting is good excresize and that he shouldn't let his own pet do all the work. [Kindly submitted by ~RobinLightwalker.]

51) Ask him if he would have choosed a truck mode so he could have been with Megatron and Sentinal on top of the roof of that building. [Kindly submitted by ~RobinLightwalker.]

52) Ask Bayformers if he knows that the thiner you are,the better you are at fighting back. [Kindly submitted by ~RobinLightwalker.]

53) Then tell him that his TFA incarnation at least Killed somebody and he even hurt someboy before he got KOd. [Kindly submitted by ~RobinLightwalker.]

54) Tell him he needs target practice. [Kindly submitted by ~DarkPanik.]

55) Tell Shockwave that a human could outsmart him, and one already has. (And we all know that this is Terra XD; ) [Kindly submitted by ~Terra-Akala.]

56) When ever he is around play the song 'One eye one horn giant purple people eater'. [Kindly submitted by ~AutobotPace.]

57) Regarding to number 17; get Annabelle Lennox to tell Shockwave that he is really a red nose reindeer, covince him to dress up as a reindeer and pester him to spread the Christmas spirit all over the world. Kudos if she managed to get Ironhide to take on the role of Santa Claus and Shockwave to pull the sleigh. [Kindly submitted by ~RogueScarlett.]

58) Ask him why he never bothered to replace his hand. [Kindly submitted by ~Austin-Comix-Inc.]

59) Ask Shockwave if ANY of his perfectly, 100%, foolproof, logical plans went the way he designed them to go. [Kindly submitted by ~RyLegacy.]

60) Sing "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" incessantly. Better yet, switch out "Rudolph" for Shockwave, and Red-Nosed for Red-Eyed. [Kindly submitted by ~primenatorgirl217.]

61) Ask Bayformers Shockwave if he wants to go skydiving. [Kindly submitted by ~primenatorgirl217.]

62) Tell TFA Shockwave he can now get into an antler fight with Megatron from armada. [Kindly submitted by *isscaris.]

63) Ask G1 Shockwave if he's a double D cup. [Kindly submitted by ~XChick.]

64) Or some other rather large bra size that would accommodate his rather distracting chest. [Kindly submitted by ~XChick.]

65) Show him how Starscream died on DOTM, then mention how he died pretty sadly; taken down by mere humans, and that he died a waaaay better death. But then act like you're thinking for a second and say, "Then again, YOU weren't exactly missed, either. In fact, I don't think anyone really cared." +100 points if Soundwave overhears, and +1000 points if he tells everyone about it. [Kindly submitted by ~Cinnamonfur.]

66) While TFA Shockwave is sleeping, get some lipstick and make him have a clown smile. [Kindly submitted by ~Rinzler-n-Daft-Punk.]

67) Beg TFA Shockwave to say the words "The plan is going swimmingly my leige." over and over. [Kindly submitted by *isscaris.]

68) Stand still. Remain calm. Scream random paradoxes. For example: "This statement is false!", "New mission: refuse the mission!", "Does a set of all sets contain itself?". [Kindly submitted by ~Amatorius8.]

69) Convince Thundercraker and Skywarp to paint themselves both as Starscream. Have them walk up to Shockwave and have them say "One of us always lies and one of us only tells the truth." Make sure they lie about everything. [Kindly submitted by *isscaris.]

70) Ask him how it is like to get his butt kicked by the Dinobots (reference to IDW Publishing's comics). [Kindly submitted by ~BDNatsuki.]

71) Call Shockwave: Mr. Shiny or Uncle Shocky. [Kindly submitted by ~Russetstar.]

72) Try to correct him. [Kindly submitted by ~Russetstar.]

73) Stand a few feet back and shout, "SANTA CLAUS CALLED! HE WANTS TO REHIRE YOU AS ONE OF HIS REINDEER. [Kindly submitted by ~Russetstar.]

74) Ask how Shockwave managed to displace Megatron is he couldn't even fend off a few NASCAR-bots in DOTM. [Kindly submitted by *ShadowpwnLord9999.]

75) Tell DOTM Shockwave that he need to switch his normal boring eye for a laser just in case another parashoot covers his eye again (he should learn his lesson). [Kindly submitted by ~inuisisruby.]

76) Also tell G1 Shockwave that he needs a program that'll help him lock on his targets he's trying to shoot he has HORRIBLE aim. [Kindly submitted by ~inuisisruby.]

77) Dress up as a troll face dressed up as Bayformers Optimus Prime and shout (in OP's voice),"SHOCKWAVE! Y U NO HAVE FACE?!" [Kindly submitted by ~Austin-Comix-Inc.]

78) Play "The Logical Song" by Scooter over and over again. [Kindly submitted by ~Austin-Comix-Inc.]

79) Cheerfully offer him some energon, then look at his lack of a mouth, frown, and say in a sad voice, "Oh, I'm terribly sorry. I thought ALL Decepticons could drink this stuff." Then walk away. [Kindly submitted by ~Austin-Comix-Inc.]

80) Explain to him that he is a girl's toy since he always dresses up in purple and pink. It's only logical. [Kindly submitted by ~Austin-Comix-Inc.]

81) Ask TFA Shockwave why he doesn't just use his Longarm face while he's in Decepticon form. He could stand a better chance at attracting a femcon if he just had a kisser. [Kindly submitted by ~Austin-Comix-Inc.]

82) Also ask TFA Shockwave how it's even remotely possible to have a chin without having a face. [Kindly submitted by ~Austin-Comix-Inc.]

83) Show him every internet meme in existence, including this one. [Kindly submitted by ~Austin-Comix-Inc.]

84) Force him to watch every episode of "The Big Bang Theory" on DVD. [Kindly submitted by ~Austin-Comix-Inc.]

85) Every time Sheldon Cooper appears on screen, shout, "HEY LOOK!!! IT'S YOU!!!" [Kindly submitted by ~Austin-Comix-Inc.]

86) Refer to him as 'Shockwave Cooper' or 'Sheldon' for a full week. [Kindly submitted by ~Austin-Comix-Inc.]

87) Legally change your name to Penny so that anytime 'Shockwave Cooper' needs to talk to you, he has to knock on your door three times while saying your name. [Kindly submitted by ~Austin-Comix-Inc.]

88) While he's in power-down mode, draw a false eye next to his real eye, only looking up, then add a fake smile with a tongue sticking out. When he walks by you the next morning, say, "Good morning, DERPwave!" [Kindly submitted by ~Austin-Comix-Inc.]

89) Ask Shockwave when he decided to change his sex. That chest can't possibly belong to a male transformer. [Kindly submitted by ~Austin-Comix-Inc.]

90) Offer to take Shockwave by Victoria's Secret. It's about time (s)he started wearing a bra. [Kindly submitted by ~Austin-Comix-Inc.]

91) Curl up in a fetal position, then shout to G1 Shockwave, "OH NO!!! UNICRON'S GONNA SQUASH US WITH HIS BARE HAND!!!!" [Kindly submitted by ~Austin-Comix-Inc.]

92) Tell him that Megatron was, is, and always will be the better gun. [Kindly submitted by ~Austin-Comix-Inc.]

93) Crush TFA Shockwave into a cube, then tell him, "Karma: It's only logical." [Kindly submitted by ~Austin-Comix-Inc.]

94) Fill TFA Shockwave's room with light blue metal cubes. Have Soundwave hide behind some while imitating Blurr's voice in a creepy manner. [Kindly submitted by ~Austin-Comix-Inc.]

95) Tell G1 Shockwave that guns are so last century. It's all about tanks now. [Kindly submitted by ~Austin-Comix-Inc.]

96) Ask him about his depth perception. [Kindly submitted by ~Austin-Comix-Inc.]

97) Tell DotM Shockwave that Soundwave had the cooler pets. [Kindly submitted by ~Austin-Comix-Inc.]

98) Then ask DotM Shockwave why RotF Ravage wasn't his pet. It would only seem logical for a one-eyed 'con to have a one-eyed pet. [Kindly submitted by ~Austin-Comix-Inc.]

99) When Shockwave informs you that he has his eye on you, ask him what he uses to watch where he's going. Be sure to do this when there's an obstruction in his way. [Kindly submitted by ~Austin-Comix-Inc.]

100) Ask him how it feels when Megatron pulls his trigger. [Kindly submitted by ~Austin-Comix-Inc.]
Suggestions Closed.

Results may vary upon being said/done to Shockwave. We're fairly certain he'll be far from pleased with any of them, however...

So :icontfp-shockwave: is even causing havoc and mayhem. Go ahead and write your hatemail here, lmao!

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Transformers is owned by Hasbro and others.
Deviation and first 15 ideas come from =RoyalBlackheart.
Idea 16 comes from *foreverphantom.
Idea 17 comes from ~Artiquer.
Idea 18 comes from ~EliteCliffjumper.
Ideas 19 & 20 come from ~SkylerFarrier.
Idea 21 comes from *ahunmaster.
Ideas 22-27 come from ~RobinLightwalker.
Ideas 28 & 29 come from ~ShadowBionics friend toffeebal_1 (a.k.a Maggie who is not on dA).
Ideas 30-44 come from ~ShadowBionics.
Ideas 45-53 come from ~RobinLightwalker.
Idea 54 comes from ~DarkPanik.
Idea 55 comes from *TCLindsay.
Idea 56 comes from ~AutobotPace.
Idea 57 comes from ~RogueScarlett.
Idea 58 comes from ~Austin-Comix-Inc.
Idea 59 comes from ~RyLegacy.
Ideas 60 & 61 come from ~primenatorgirl217.
Idea 62 comes from *isscaris.
Ideas 63 & 64 come from ~XChick.
Idea 65 comes from ~Cinnamonfur.
Idea 66 comes from ~Rinzler-n-Daft-Punk.
Idea 67 comes from *isscaris.
Idea 68 comes from ~Amatorius8.
Idea 69 comes from *isscaris.
Idea 70 comes from ~BDNatsuki.
Ideas 71-73 come from ~Russetstar.
Idea 74 comes from *ShadowpwnLord9999.
Ideas 75 & 76 come from *TaiitheDecepticaon.
Ideas 77-100 come from ~Austin-Comix-Inc.
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C-j-Blackwell Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2014  Student
HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! Original Cyclops

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#6 Reminded me of One Eyed, One Horned, Flying, Purple, People Eaters from when I was little.

I was deathly afraid of them.
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There's another way to annoy Shockwave! 

Rig his voice box to constantly sing "One Eyed, One Horned, Flying, Purple, People Eaters".
ADOrnelas Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2014
The suggestions may be closed, But I commment:

When you meet or see Shockwave say "killing me is illogical" and say it over and over until he becomes convinced.
Then he will think that not killing you is logical.

Therefore Safe!, Well from him anyways. (Same thing goes for torture, or any kind of harm).
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Ask his FOC version if he has a part time job as an announcer
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and tell him that in fall of cybertron he got eaten by grimlock
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