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100 Ways to Annoy Megatron:

1) Brag about how awesome Optimus Prime is as the leader of the Autobots. Talk about a swell guy! Autobots rule all!

2) Say loudly to anyone in close range how you wish Starscream was leader of the Decepticons, he gives bonuses with pay raises!

3) Inform TFAnimated Megatron that he is the most unique of all the other Megatron's. At least he attempted a new style…

4) Compliment G1` Megs on his gun-mode. He's intimidating, and matches the size of Screamer's… you know.

5) Ogle over all of the pictures, writings, screenshots, and otherwise of MegsXScreamer/Prime/etc and then ask him as he passes by how he can get away with having so many boyfriends.

6) Shout 'Booty call!' when Starscream tries to have a word with Megatron.

7) Snicker to yourself until Megatron is forced to ask you what's so funny. Then remark, "Megatron the perv!"

8) Explain to Megatron that his ideals to 'conquer and rule the universe' are really stupid and give valid reasons why he'll always fail. For example, Optimus Prime.

9) Ask TFP Megs what he did to Starscream when he dragged him away after being revived in episode "Out of His Head" with a blush and a giggle.

10) Sing 'The  Touch' by Stan Busch when Optimus comes in to save the day.

11) Explain to TFP Megatron when he is loaded on 'Dark Energon' that you think he's had too much. His eyes are changing funky colors. Doesn't he know that stuff is bad for him?

12) During 'Rock Bottom' in the TFP series, go laugh at Megs as he's trapped under the rocks about how he looks like such a creeper.

13) Talk to Megs about all of his death, near-death, and offline status in every universe.

14) Ask Megs who dominates the famous PrimexMegatron relationship.

15) Ask Megatron why he wishes to revive Cybertron when he was the one to destroy it in the first place (in most generation cases).

16) Laugh at Megatron and tell him that Unicron PWNS him.

17) Prank call Megatron and ask if his spark is running.

18) Make fun of Megatron for not being a Prime.

19) Ask Megatron to elaborate on the rumors of him and Prime being brothers. Wouldn't that make their relationship awkward?

20) Call Megatron 'Mega-butt' or 'Psycho-tron'.

21) Inform Armada Megatron that he could have won more minicons if he had transformed into his tank every once in awhile... [Kindly submitted by ~Metaknightgirl42.]

22) Take a picture of him when he's not looking, add the caption "I Can Has Cheezburger?", and post it on the Internet, and see what happens next. [Kindly submitted by ~ErinPrimette.]

23) Recommend to Megatron that he should take less time to monologue and more time kicking Aft. Maybe then he'd actually win a fight instead of gloating and failing. [Kindly submitted by ~Terra-Akala.]

24) Ask him why he was making goo-goo eyes at that Zombie in the Space Bridge. We didn't realize he was into corpses. [Kindly submitted by ~Terra-Akala.]

25) Call him Megs or Megzytron. [Kindly submitted by ~DarkPanik.]

26) Constantly keep replaying the end of "Transformers Dark of The Moon" where Megatron dies. [Kindly submitted by *cyberaquaninja.]

27) Call him "Sentenal's Bitch". [Kindly submitted by *cyberaquaninja.]

28) Inform him that the Shattered Glass Optimus is a much more evil villain than he is. [Kindly submitted by ~shozurei.]

29) Ask him how his relationship is going with Starsceam. [Kindly submitted by ~FoxAircurrent.]

30) Sneek into his bathroom while he's taking a bath and videotape him singing "Rubber ducky" and playing with a rubber ducky. Post it on youtube and see how many views you can get. 1000 extra points if Soundwave finds the video and proceeds to scatter it across the internet instead of telling Megatron. [Kindly submitted by ~FoxAircurrent.]

31) Tranqualize him and lock him in a closet with paint, sharpies and many, many fangirls. 1000 points if Soundwave records whatever happens to him and scatters it across the intenet. [Kindly submitted by ~FoxAircurrent.]

32) Megatron cannot win a battle even when he's winning, he always finds a way to screw up his win and end up losing the battle. [Kindly submitted by ~fanfictionaxis.]

33) Inform the Megatrons that TFA Megatron had the best design. [Kindly submitted by ~SkylerFarrier.]

34) Tell Bayformers not to worry since TFP Megatron had an even shittier design. [Kindly submitted by ~SkylerFarrier.]

35) Congratulate UnicronTrilogy Megatron on the *stag-beetle* look and tell him it is sure to be all the rage. [Kindly submitted by ~SkylerFarrier.]</sub>

36) Pat G1 Megatron on the back and say "At least everyone turns to you for a reference." [Kindly submitted by ~SkylerFarrier.]

37) Gather all the Megatrons together with all the Starscreams. Provide proof of Starscream's immortality, leaving out Bayformers. Play a montage of Megatron's death scenes. Ask why Megatron leads instead of Starscream. [Kindly submitted by ~SkylerFarrier.]

38) Insist that he'd be so much cuter with huge blue eyes and wings like Bumblebee. [Kindly submitted by *pointy-ears.]

39) Or soooooo much more badass if he was all sleek like Ironhide. [Kindly submitted by *pointy-ears.]

40) Mention very loudly when he is in hearing range that Optimus always somehow pwns him, like the time when Optimus was made Prime. [Kindly submitted by ~Cinnamonfur.]

41) Tell him how stupid it is that he got mad at Optimus for something HE DIDN'T DO. (Transformers: Exodus reference). [Kindly submitted by ~Cinnamonfur.]

42) Call Megatron 'Meggytwon'. [Kindly submitted by ~Darkraimare.]

43) Inform him that if he hadn't blasted Orion Pax, Optimus Prime would never had existed. [Kindly submitted by ~shozurei.]

44) Prank call Megatron and ask if the most powerful decepticon in the world is home and when he says yes say "Well tell Sentenal Prime I said Hi." [Kindly submitted by *Twilightgirlzone13.]

45) Ask Megatron if one of the reasons why he became a D-Con was because he had issues not being a prime. [Kindly submitted by *Twilightgirlzone13.]

46) Call G1 Megatron and ask him why HE'S the leader of the Decepticons, when Shockwave was able to establish the pecking order and prove he's a more badass leader (at least in the comics). [Kindly submitted by ~BatCountryDouche.]

47) Ask him how it feels to be defeated by a librarian. That was Armada Optimus's job before he became Prime. [Kindly submitted by ~shozurei.]

48) Ask if his repair bills are in scientific notation from the number of times he has been dead and resurrected! [Kindly submitted by *Steamstrike.]

49) Get Megatron drunk on Energon and ask him about the good old days. [Kindly submitted by ~ShadowBionics.]

50) Tell Megatron that Shockwave is a badass and ALWAYS will be. [Kindly submitted by ~ShadowBionics.]

51) Tell him that while he was sleeping, some guy who stole his name and says "yesssssssss..." a lot also stole his spark and ran around with it for a little while. [Kindly submitted by ~ShadowBionics.]

52) Ask Megatron why was it he hardly ever transformed. [Kindly submitted by ~ShadowBionics.]

53) Ask Megatron if you can go visit him and check out his ultimate stereo system. [Kindly submitted by ~ShadowBionics.]

54) Tell Unicron Trilogy/ Armada Megatron that he looks like a deranged reindeer with those horns. [Kindly submitted by ~ShadowBionics.]

55) In addition, tell him he can get in an antler fight with the Fire Lord from Hero Factory. [Kindly submitted by ~ShadowBionics.]

56) Make a comment about how UT/A Megatron had a rather large... gun. [Kindly submitted by ~ShadowBionics.]

57) Ask UT/Energon Megatron what it was like to have Unicron using him as a puppet. [Kindly submitted by ~ShadowBionics.]

58) Ask UT Megatron why did he heroically sacrifice himself? Twice? [Kindly submitted by ~ShadowBionics.]

59) Tell UT Megatron that Tidal Wave/Mirage seems to like him... too much... to the point that it's really really creepy. [Kindly submitted by ~ShadowBionics.]

60) Ask UT Megatron why he keeps changing his name. Does he have an identity crisis? [Kindly submitted by ~ShadowBionics.]

61) Ask Bayfromers Megatron what it was like having half his face blown off with his own weapon by Optimus Prime? [Kindly submitted by ~ShadowBionics.]

62) Also ask Bayformers Megatron how it felt having Sentinel probe his head. [Kindly submitted by ~ShadowBionics.]

63) Ask Bayformers Megatron why was he drunk and confused in some alley while Sentinel was running the show. [Kindly submitted by ~ShadowBionics.]

64) Ask Bayformers Megatron how it felt to have been defeated and killed in under 10 seconds? Add that it's a new record for him. [Kindly submitted by ~ShadowBionics.]

65) Constantly ask Bayformers Megatron "Where is the CUBE???" [Kindly submitted by ~ShadowBionics.]

66) Tell Bayformers Megatron that The Fallen can only be defeated by a Prime and that he killed Optimus Prime by himself. So wouldn't that technically make him more powerful than The Fallen? So what does he need him for? Really? [Kindly submitted by ~ShadowBionics.]

67) While you're at it, ask Bayformers Megatron why he worships The Fallen so much? [Kindly submitted by ~ShadowBionics.]

68) Tell Bayformers Megatron to put his hood back on because his face scares children. [Kindly submitted by ~ShadowBionics.]

69) Ask TFP Megatron why you feel he looks so familiar? [Kindly submitted by ~ShadowBionics.]

70) GET RID OF THE HIGH GRADE! [Kindly submitted by ~Raqwaza17.]

71) Make fun of Bayformer Megatron's poncho. Ask him if he's afraid of the rain, or if he's just off herding llamas somewhere. [Kindly submitted by ~primenatorgirl217.]

72) Hack into Megatron's account and change him username to 'Trigger_Happy_Trigger_Crotch', then pull the 'How often do you pull your trigger' innuendo at him. Just to screw his head up. [Kindly submitted by ~RoqueScarlett.]

73) Is a druggie. [According to Starscream himself over at ~Starscream-TFP.]

74) ADDITION TO 26- Again, because he did die in the first movie. [Kindly submitted by ~Katninjagirl96.]

75) Sneak into Megatron's private quarter and steal his rubber ducky and claim it for yourself. When he asks you if you have seen his rubber ducky, tell him that Prime has it. [Kindly submitted by ~RogueScarlett.]

76) Annoy him that you believe the Rubber Ducky with rule the Universe with the Duck of Doom army. [Kindly submitted by ~RogueScarlett.]

77) Ask (G2)Screamer's ghost to possess Megatron Rubber Ducky and say that He will rule the unverse with his army of Doom bringers, and that he's not Doomy enough to join. [Kindly submitted by ~Darkraimare.]

78) Tell Megatron, that Optimus Prime and Starscream has twice as many fangirls than he will ever get. [Kindly submitted by ~Darkraimare.]

79) Ask Megatron why he doesn't have a girlfriend, is it because he's ugly; well Optimus has a girlfriend. [Kindly submitted by ~Darkraimare.]

80) Ask Megatron why after sooo long haven't you killed Screamer' yet, is it because you love him? [Kindly submitted by ~Darkraimare.]

81) Ask Megatron why he didn't put Soundwave as his second in command, cus' he's his fricken shadow. [Kindly submitted by ~Darkraimare.]

82) Ask Megatron what Soundwave does beside play with Satellites, and stalk him? [Kindly submitted by ~Darkraimare.]

83) Show every Decepticon proof that Megatron bottoms for Soundwave. [Kindly submitted by ~shozurei.]

84) When Beast Wars Megatron comes up in conversation (with him in ear shot) say "Oh, you mean that crazy guy who talks to himself and says yesssss at the end of almost ever sentence?" [Kindly submitted by *isscaris.]

85) Ask G2 Megatron if there are eggplant farms on Cybertron and if so that's the reason for his hideous paint job. [Kindly submitted by *isscaris.]

86) Tell Megatron that he can't rule the Universe by being all menacing and go on a rampage spree. Suggest to him that the only way to rule the Universe by doing ballet dancing. [Kindly suggested by ~RogueScarlett.]

87) Put him into the naughty corner for an hour and lecture him over why he shouldn't beat up/step on the little guys. Especially Starscream. Then take Megatron's Energon sweeties and toys to 'Screamer if Megatron misbehave. [Kindly suggested by ~RogueScarlett.]

89) Tell all Megatrons that Prime has the most sexiest voice of all time that makes all of the fangirls swoon. [Kindly suggested by ~RogueScarlett.]

90) When he walks past say "Mhmm, he's totally gay." [Kindly submitted by *isscaris.]

91)  Say "Optimus has a girlfriend where's yours? Oh wait, you have Starscream, I forgot." [Kindly submitted by *isscaris.]

92)  Ask the Robots in Disguise Megatron if he was experiencing an identity crisis. [Kindly submitted by *isscaris.]

93) Flood his quarters with the excuse that you're installing a pool. [Kindly submitted by *isscaris.]

94) Keep asking him what age he is even if he gives you an answer. [Kindly submitted by *isscaris.]

95) Ask him what's Starscream's favorite position. [Kindly submitted by *isscaris.]

96) Rather then call him lord call him queen. [Kindly submitted by *isscaris.]

97) Tell him, unlike Starscream and knockout, he can never bring sexy back. [Kindly submitted by *isscaris.]

98) Everytime he yells at somebody chant "rape rape rape". [Kindly submitted by *isscaris.]

99) When Megatron and Starscream leave the same room and no one comes after start singing "I just had Sex." [Kindly submitted by *isscaris.]

100) Tell him the Autobots got hold of all his dirty fanfics. [Kindly submitted by *isscaris.]
Suggestions Closed.

Results may vary upon being said/done to Megs. We're fairly certain he'll be far from pleased with any of them, however...

:iconmegatron-tfp::iconsaysplz:Your knowledge is only overshadowed by your stupidity! (C)Transformers the Movie: 1984

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Transformers is owned by Hasbro and others.
Deviation and first 20 ideas come from =RoyalBlackheart.
Idea 21 comes from ~Metaknightgirl42.
Idea 22 comes from ~ErinPrimette.
Ideas 23 & 24 come from *TCLindsay.
Idea 25 comes from ~DarkPanik.
Ideas 26 & 27 come from !cyberaquaninja.
Idea 28 comes from ~shozurei.
Ideas 29-31 come from ~FoxAircurrent.
Idea 32 comes from *fanfictionaxis.
Ideas 33-37 come from ~SkylerFarrier.
Ideas 38 & 39 come from ~pointy-ears.
Idea 40 & 41 come from ~Cinnamonfur.
Idea 42 comes from ~Darkraimare.
Idea 43 comes from ~shozurei.
Idea 44 & 45 come from ~Twilightzonegirl13.
Idea 46 comes from ~BatCountryDouche.
Idea 47 comes from ~shozurei.
Idea 48 comes from *Steamstrike.
Ideas 49-69 come from ~ShadowBionics.
Idea 70 comes from ~Raqwaza17.
Idea 71 comes from ~primenatorgirl217.
Idea 72 comes from ~RogueScarlett.
Idea 73 comes from ~Starscream-TFP.
Idea 74 comes from ~Katninjagirl96.
Ideas 75 & 76 come from ~RogueScarlett.
Ideas 77-82 come from ~Darkraimare.
Idea 83 comes from ~shozurei.
Ideas 84 & 85 come from *isscaris.
Ideas 86-88 come from ~RogueScarlett.
Ideas 89-100 come from *isscaris.
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tfpfan5 Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Number thirty two is so true
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Best case scenario, I'll get banned from street racing with KO. Worst case scenario, I'm scrapped. (Runs like hell and hides behind Predaking in dragon mode)
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number 6 killed me. Like I fell out of my chair in the middle of class laughing
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When you see him (especially in front of the troops and Knockout) say: "Please don't rape me again!"
He will or maybe does.
Megan1289 Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2015  Student Writer
108. Call TFP Megatron Unicron's bitch.
109. Tell Bayverse Meg. About his new friend.
Megan1289 Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2015  Student Writer
107. When Soundwave and Megatron are on the bridge together, shout "I see a badass!" And when Megatron tries to thank you, say "Not you; Soundwave!" 100000000000 extra points if Megatron actually agrees with you.
menslady125 Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2015  Hobbyist Filmographer
Suggestion number 105: Secretly film him in the bath with his rubber ducky and show the footage to the Autobots...and Starscream for good measure!

Suggestion number 106: Show him slash art and and slash fics of him paired with either Starscream or Optimus!
MissRandomNomad0o Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2015
Suggestion no. 104:

Ask Unicron Trilogy Megatron to do his best (AND only his best) impression of Optimus Prime. Don't forget to record it.
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Suggestion number 103:

Look in a mirror with Megatron and say, "Wow, I see someone hot there...and look! You're there, too!"
EQGRP-Aria Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2015
Suggestion number 101:

Call him 'Bucket-Head'.

Suggestion number 102:

Ask him if he knows the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything, and when he's forced to ask why, laugh and cry, 'WELL, YOU'RE A NERD!"
nicelife95 Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2015
show this to megatron make sure everyone of his fellow decepticons are there…   
this must be your special attack against all megatron versions 
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Number 20 is funny :D
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Call TFP Megatron "Megacron" OR "Unitron" Then run like hell.
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I love calling megatron from the prime universe "meggy-tron." it really annoys him.........
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95 lol
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in response to  annoyance 14 i honestly think megs would have probably still answered

and for my annoyance the episode where they battle unicron and optimus gets all up in megs face yell JUST FUCK EACH OTHER ALREADY
MetallicGirl Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2014  Professional Writer
This is the funniest thing I've read all DAY!!! Fantastic job!
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Ever try yelling"shut up Megs, you don't know nothing!!"
When he gives an order to? cause I have, it was so lolz for every one for at lest 2 earth month.
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Get g1 Megatron to look up armada Megatron and record his reaction.
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Apologise for the lameness
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RoyalBlackheart Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2013   Writer
I don't add any more once it hits 100. Not even add-on's to original remarks. Sorry.
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I knew it. T_T
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I would be the one fangirl that would pat him on the back and comfort him after these experiences... even though I'm an Optimus fangirl xD
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Will you do One Hundred ways to annoy Optimus? Or Ratchet Lol.
Inform TFA Ratchet that TFP Ratchet is way happier than him.
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101 ways to annoy me next? im a decepticon to!
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